T R A I L 4 1. com

"In Pursuit of the Great Outdoors"



We catch 'em,

We kill 'em,

We sew 'em,

We sell 'em



TRAIL 41 means "The Great Outdoors"

...The Adventure, The Mystery, The Danger. 

Some love comfort and safety, others are drawn to the unpredictable and the daring. TRAIL 41 brand captures the lifestyle and passion of those eager to venture into nature’s great unknown.

After years of hunting and fishing in Florida, and appreciating the toughness and uniqueness of each God created alligator hide, Keith Oliver and Chris Vasallo saw an opportunity to create quality leather goods made from Florida's exotic wildlife of alligators and other animals. So TRAIL 41 Company was founded in late 2014.

TRAIL 41 brings to the average man a small part of the swamp and a genuine part of The Great Outdoors of Florida and beyond. 



100% Handmade

TRAIL 41 Swamp Leathers are 100% handmade and crafted in USA. The alligator hides are from the swampy Florida Everglades, a unique and ecological wonder unlike any place on earth.

The snake hides are made from Everglades Python and other skins from beyond.

When you purchase one of these American made pieces of craftsmanship, you will own a one of a kind leather product made to last and made for the rugged outdoors.

For questions or more information on upcoming products send an email to: trail41@zoho.com

(All hides are legally hunted, processed and harvested in compliance with the State of Florida, FWC and Federal laws)